Em, France.
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Feminist-anti-brony-hipsters be like 

Oh god totally looks like big red it’s almost scary

I bought my first sweet potato ever


Luka Sabbat by Alessio Boni | Vogue Online
Styled by Ian Bradley

So true -
Sadly true sigh


fashion week drinking game: take a shot every time a bitter fashion blogger compares saint laurent to forever 21

Those people are the worst. They forgot everything Slimane has done in a heartbeat


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Diagnosis: Morbidly Exuberantly Obese

What next
If you honestly put this much effort into denying basic human biology then you deserve to die young.  

This is not funny to deny the risks of morbid obesity. Having a short life ahead is not cute or quirky or exuberant this is a serious deadly issue. Fuck.



If you want to blame anyone for thinking feminists are man-haters, blame feminists. Not men.

20 bucks says misandry-mermaid is going to get offended by this post 

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We should teach young boys to respect women, but we should also teach young girls to respect women. Women should not see each other as enemies, but as allies. Stop telling young girls that the best they can be is “not like other…

I remember this girl mocking a woman against feminist like “hahaha I bet ur bf beats you if u say ur a feminist so u not one of us xDDDD”
Wow so feminist and nice of you to disrespect domestic violence victims to prove your arguments


Misomber Nuan



Why is it when I see a white girl with a tattoo on her thigh i think sexy? But a Latina I think ghettos as fuck?

because youre racist

I didn’t get it instantly because where I live latinos are and are seen as regular people lol